Valentine’s Tasting and Dinner!

Valentine’s Tasting and Dinner On Thursday, February 14th starting at 7:00 PM we’ll be hosting our first ever Valentine’s Day tasting and dinner in the Farmhouse kitchen. Join owners Barbara [...]

Newsletter, Futures and Valentine’s Dinner

6:37 AM Friday, January 25th, 2013 Dear Friends of Shinn,   We have survived on Oregon Rd. in what has been the coldest week in years by heavily layering in order to insulate ourselves from [...]

Kudos for Nine Barrels – Futures!

6:16 AM Monday, January 14th, 2013 Dear Friends of Shinn,   Kudos for Nine Barrels This news just out from Howard G. Goldberg wine writer at the New York Times. “The classy, bright [...]

January 11th Newsletter

6:25 AM  Friday, January 11th,  2013   Dear Friends of Shinn,   The beginning of 2013 has been filled with  sunny days and warmer than average temperatures. This weekend should be [...]

Future Kings

7:34 AM Monday, January 7th, 2012 Dear Friends of Shinn,   Yesterday afternoon just before sunset Barbara and I walked through the vineyard gifting the land with three kings – a [...]

Three Kings

  The Three Kings Preparation   The Three Kings Preparation is one of a whole group of preparations created by Hugo Erbe (1885-1965) as a result of his lifelong work as a biodynamic [...]

January 4th Newsletter!

  5:35 AM Friday, January 4th,  2013   Dear Friends of Shinn,   There is a steady breeze blowing out of the northeast this morning – revealing a perfect half moon high in the [...]

Welcome to the Futures Dinner!

7:14 AM Wednesday, January 2nd,  2012   Dear Friends of Shinn, I hope your Christmas and New Year holiday was filled with the love of family and friends. Now that we have all survived the [...]

NYT’s story affirms our farming method!