Friday November 29th Newsletter

7:43AM Friday, November 29th Dear Friends of Shinn, The wind and rain that stormed through the North Fork earlier in the week have left us for now – replaced by an overcast sky and cold [...]

November 22nd, 2013 Newsletter

5:28AM Friday, November 22nd Dear Friends of Shinn, It is a pitch black morning with an overcast pre-dawn sky – not a whisper of wind – just the periodic crowing of a bantam rooster. [...]

November 15th Newsletter

6:31AM Friday, November 15th Dear Friends of Shinn, This time of year the number of hours that we have sunlight gets shorter and shorter – seems impossible that the curve will not be [...]

November 8th, 2013 Newsletter

5:21AM Friday, November 8th Dear Friends of Shinn,    Early this morning – just after midnight – I was up lighting a fire under my alembic still. It was one of the most beautiful [...]

Giving Thanks Wine Dinner November 23rd

Giving Thanks Harvest Wine Dinner                   Have a seat at the table  “The wine from a place plus the food from that place gifts us with cuisine. From cuisine springs [...]

Meet Jamie Altamore

  Jamie Altamore brings heartfelt enthusiasm to Shinn Estate Vineyards   My life journey began right here on Long Island back in 1988. On the day before I was born my father – always [...]

Giving Thanks Dinner and November 1st Newsletter

  Dear Friends of Shinn, Throughout the night the wind has been howling here on Oregon Road  – rattling the Farmhouse and winery. Although we could use some rain (we are in the middle of a [...]