Friday April 25th Newsletter

  6:52 PM Thursday, April 24th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   It has been a sunny, breezy and mild Thursday afternoon here on Oregon Rd. Tomorrow is expected to be much like today [...]

April 18th 2014 Newsletter

5:59 AM Friday, April 18th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   Over the last few days it has been outright cold here on Oregon Rd. In fact it actually snowed early  in the week. That is a rare event [...]

April 11th Newsletter and Barrel Tasting

6:14 AM Friday, April 11th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   There is a steady breeze wafting through the vineyard – a few sprinkles of rain have fallen overnight – soon the sun [...]

April 4th Newsletter and Barrel Cellar Tasting

6:47AM Friday, April 4th 2014 Dear Friends of Shinn,   The sky is overcast, the air is calm, and there is a light drizzle falling on a cool spring morning up here on Oregon Road – where [...]