May 30th Newsletter

6:01 AM Friday, May 30th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   There is a robin’s nest in the overhang of our Farmhouse right next to our second floor bedroom window. Every morning for the last [...]

Memorial Day Weekend Newsletter

6:10 AM Friday, May 16th 2014 Dear Friends of Shinn, It is a pretty quiet morning here on Oregon Rd. The air is still – the sky is overcast – song birds are just now beginning to stir [...]

May 16th Newsletter

6:52 AM Friday, May 16th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   We have had a pretty pleasant week in wine country. The ground and air are finally warming up and although a little late we are seeing [...]

May 9th Newsletter

  6:32 AM Friday, May 9th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   After a night of light rain the sky is now grey -the air is heavy with fog and drizzle – hardly any breeze at all – and [...]

May 2nd Newsletter!

  6:38 AM Friday, May 2nd 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   Barbara and I started the week travelling from a family visit in Wisconsin back to the North Fork. Steady rain pelted us on our [...]