June 28th Newsletter

  5:06 AM Friday, June 28th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn, It’s a very quiet early morning here on Oregon Road. I am here sitting in front of a computer screen writing all of you [...]

Friday June 20th Newsletter

5:31 AM Friday, June 20th 2014 Dear Friends of Shinn, Yesterday morning there was a light rain that lasted until midday. Accumulation was less than a third of an inch. By the end of the day [...]

Friday June 13th Newsletter

  5:32 AM Friday, June 13th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   There is a heavy fog sitting on top of our vineyard this morning. We expect it to be replaced by on and off rain and thunderstorms [...]

Friday June 6th Newsletter

  5:37 AM Friday, June 6th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,   After weathering through nearly 12 hours of rainfall the sun finally popped back out from behind cloud cover yesterday afternoon. [...]