July 25th Newsletter

5:52 AM Friday, July 25th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn, and The morning sky is beginning to brighten the new day and heat from the sun will soon dry the light dew glistening on fully formed grape [...]

July 18th Newsletter

  5:34 AM Friday, July 18th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn, After some misty wet weather early this week the sun has reappeared – drying things up. We’re going to see sun and [...]

July 11th Newsletter

    5:29 AM Friday, July 11th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn, There have been thunderstorms forecast nearly everyday this week. We’ve managed to dodge all of them. The humidity [...]

July 4th Newsletter

  5:19 AM Friday, July 4th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn, The sky is grey and overcast as we anticipate a day of  intermittent rain and thunderstorms left over from Hurricane Arthur. [...]