October 31st Newsletter

  6:12 AM Friday, October 31st 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,    Its a cool starlit morning out here on Oregon Road. The moon has already set so the intensity of twinkling stars in front [...]

October 24th Newsletter

  6:17 AM Friday, October 24th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,    It started raining Wednesday afternoon – the wind picked up late that night – and intermittent hard rain was [...]

Harvest Wine Dinner November 8th!

Harvest Wine Dinner!   Join us at the feasting table! On Saturday night November 8th starting at 7:00 PM we’ll host our annual celebration of the end of harvest season. Join David Page [...]

October 10th Newsletter – Harvest Wine Dinner

5:53 AM Friday, October 10th 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,    It is a perfectly still morning here on Oregon Road. There is not even a whisper of a breeze blowing through the old norway [...]

October 3rd Newsletter!

  5:59 AM Friday, October 3rd 2014   Dear Friends of Shinn,    I looked outside a few minutes ago and was delighted to see stars twinkling in the early morning sky. We’re [...]