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Vineyard Philosophy

The Vineyard as an Ecosystem


Nature transforms chaos into order. Although we have been taught to believe the opposite where order turns to chaos, the vineyard has taught us differently. When we began farming, we sensed there was little cohesiveness amongst our 20 acres; the land seemed sterile and lacking in natural beauty. To us this was chaos, an absence of symbiosis between the soil, vines and ourselves. When we began allowing the vineyard to return to a living ecosystem our restorative farming welcomed wildlife, beneficial insects and diverse groundcover plants back to the land.

We gained a sense of visual comfort as the clover bloomed, the bees foraged and the soil breathed. A rhythm between the vines and their surroundings became audible as we listened to the spring turn to summer, to the moaning heat of the July sun, and to the insect’s cacophony of endless labor.

A close personal connection to the land drew us to a philosophy and practice of agriculture shaped by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner known as Biodynamics which addresses the subtle workings of nature that are not readily apparent to the human eye. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of Earth’s resources: soil, water, air and minerals while recognizing that Nature is more than a system limited to the seasons and the surrounding environment. Our vines work in harmony with the universe and are affected by the gravitational forces of the moon, the movement of the planets and the workings of the distant cosmos. The homeopathic Biodynamic preparations such as horn manure, horn silica, and plant composts stimulate and regulate the soil, groundcover and vines linking them together in a rhythm which brings complexity and life force to our wines.

Perhaps most importantly our farming is a daily practice of active gratitude. Giving back to the Earth through gifts of compost, organic soil nutrients and Biodynamic preparations has allowed our farm to blossom outward again.

Through our wine we are entrusted with the job of being translators for Nature, allowing her to put a fingerprint on our wine and on your imagination.


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