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The wine we craft at Shinn Estate Vineyards is intended to be a living memory of the time and place it was grown. Each vintage, whether it is warm or cool, dry or wet, gives us unique and vibrant fruit that longs to speak honestly and forthrightly. The challenge is to find a voice for the fruit we grow so that the message of each vintage is artfully presented. We are entrusted with the job of being translators for nature; therefore we allow our wines to ferment with the yeast provided by our biologically diverse soils. Wine is a living and evolving time machine, built by the life force of nature and the gentle touch of human beings.

The winery is small and humble, set in a 125 year old barn it provides us a sense of peacefulness passed down by generations of farmers who have come before us. It is filled with natural light and is constructed in a way that allows us to handle fruit utilizing the gift of gravity. The cellar where we age our wines is set apart from the winery building in a quiet barn that was constructed from reclaimed first growth ancient heartwood pine. The cellar roof supports a solar array that along with a wind turbine produces all of the energy used for the winery, cellar, vineyard and Farmhouse Inn.

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