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Friday, May 8th 2015

Dear Friends of Shinn,

It’s another picture perfect day on Oregon Road. The sun has been up for nearly an hour and won’t set until after 8:00PM tonight. These dry and warm days of spring we’re having have helped rejuvenate our spirits after the unending winter. We haven’t had a drop of rain in May. In fact there has been no rain at all since April 23rd. The ground was pretty saturated from early spring rain and winter snowfall so we’re still a long way off from needing rain but we may see a little tonight. There is also a chance of a passing thundershower over the weekend. Expect warm and humid air otherwise. You can get up to the minute reports from our own weather station.

Nearly everyday guests visiting the tasting room ask about harvest – pondering when exactly we begin to “cut the grapes”. To us – at this time of year – harvest seems a lifetime away. There is so much vineyard work to do between now and late September that harvest does not even appear on the horizon of thought. This week Barbara’s team is disbudding – or better defined as removing excess growth – from the new vine canes which will eventually support the weight of our fruit. Just one of many back breaking jobs necessary to ensure a healthy ripe harvest.


We finally finished bottling and labeling our 2014 Rose ($16) this week. I know everyone thinks of our Rose as dry and savory – but this year it wanted to be something else. Who am I to question nature? Fermentation became sluggish over the cold winter and eventually stopped completely – leaving it with a tiny amount of residual sugar. It actually works pretty nicely. The sweetness pushes the fruit forward and balances the acidity beautifully. Who would have thought? You’ll love it with spicy and barbecued food this summer. We’ve already delivered 25% of the production to restaurants and retailers and just this week garnered a shout out from Eric Asimov – wine critic at the New York Times.

Our Farmhouse Inn right here on the winery property is now in it’s 9th season. Come spend a relaxed afternoon enjoying cheese and wine in the comfortable living area surrounded by our extensive cookbook collection. Wake up to lush vineyard views and a delicious breakfast spread served in the historic Tuthill dining room. Visit us by reserving your stay .

The tasting room is open everyday from 10:30 AM until 5:00 PM and until 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. There are always 10-12 wines to choose for tasting – or enjoy a bottle or glass. Cheese plates, charcuterie, olives and nuts are available for purchase as well as signature Shinn Estate Vineyards T-shirts and copies of our cookbook “Recipes from Home” – winner of the Julia Child Cookbook Award and nominated by The James Beard Foundation for “Best American Cookbook”.

If you are unable to visit us in the tasting room and cannot find our wines near you – we ship to most places in the U.S. Our Online store has gift certificates as well as many gift packages available.

And that’s the news from Oregon Road!

David Page, owner – vintner – distiller

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