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Barbara with one of the last bins of Semillon

6:10 AM Friday September 21st, 2012

We have been experiencing cooler morning temperatures the last few days. The humidity of summer seems entirely behind us. Luckily, the rain wind and thunder that passed over NYC and upstate on Monday almost completely missed us on Oregon Road. Today we’ll have some high clouds to start the day but will see the sun later this morning and have a mostly clear weekend with highs in the 70’s. Remember – we are now open until 8PM on both Friday and Saturday night. We serve wine by the glass or bottle, cheese plates and crackers. You can still get your palm read every Friday night starting at 5PM. Come celebrate the upcoming harvest.
On Saturday afternoon between 3-5PM winegrower Barbara Shinn will be in the wine library pouring three vintages of our meritage blend we call Wild Boar Doe. She’ll have the 2004, 2005 and the 2006 open for tasting. These older vintages highlight the uniqueness of the time and place they were grown. Don’t miss this opportunity to taste with her and learn how she grows our wine. $15 dollars per person. Call 631-804-0367.
Barbara, Patrick and I have been meeting three or four times a day since the middle of last week to discuss our harvest contingencies. Barbara assembled a crew of 12 on Sunday morning and began harvesting Sauvignon Blanc under perfect weather conditions. By the end of the day on Monday we had picked and whole cluster pressed the juice for both our 2012 Coalescence and the “First Fruit”. We also picked the Sauvignon Blanc for “Haven” which was stemmed and macerated on skins for three days before pressing yesterday. The Semillon portion of “Haven” was picked yesterday and added to the macerated Sauvignon Blanc for co-fermentation. We also picked the Pinot Blanc and it has already begun a natural fermentation. This photo is Barbara with one of the last bins of Semillon.

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