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6: 47 AM Friday, January 2nd, 2015


Dear Friends of Shinn,

My first newsletter of 2015 comes to you on a breezy morning with a chill in the air. The sun is about to rise on another vintage as we begin our 16th growing season on Oregon Road. Happy New Year Everyone! We’ve had fairly mild conditions all week with lots of sun and no rain since Christmas Day. There is a chance we’ll see a shower or two tomorrow late afternoon – but for this time of year – we’ll take it. The snowy freezing cold alternative we were experiencing last year at this time can remain just a memory as far as I am concerned.   Get complete up to the minute Shinn Estate Vineyards reports from our own Weather Station.


12th Annual Futures Wine Tasting and Dinner

It’s time to ensure your future! Reserve your seats for 6:30 PM Saturday, January 31st or Saturday, February 7th. That is when we’ll be hosting the annual futures tastings and dinners on two back to back Saturday nights. We’ll be tasting tank and barrel samples of nearly a dozen wines. This year expect a bigger and better event than ever before. We have lots of surprises planned. Come hungry. There will be plenty of cheeses, appetizers and a hearty winter stew. Call 631-804-0367 to reserve. $95 per person – $40 of which is counted towards the purchase of wine futures that evening. Buying futures pre-bottling is a great way to get the best discounts we offer – and even a better way to support your local winegrower. These two tasting dinners have been known to fill up quickly so start 2015 on the right foot by resolving to drink more Shinn Estate wines!


Pruning and bottling. Pruning and bottling. This will be our mantra for the coming weeks. Vineyard team pruning. Winery team bottling. Pinot Blanc pruning was wrapped up a few days ago and the guys just got started in the South Merlot – known by everyone here as the “31 Lines”. Yes. There are 31 rows of Merlot vines in the 31 Lines. The vineyard crew started calling them by that name over a decade ago as a way to better communicate their location with Barbara. One day we may have to produce a wine with that name.


Its nearly time to gift  the vineyard with Gold, Frankincense, and Myhrr know as the biodynamic “Three Kings”. After grinding them in a mortar and pestle on New Years Eve we’ll add rain water and spread them on the periphery of the vineyard on the Epiphany.

Gold is a symbol of exoteric wisdom-filled power and the wisdom of the past.

Frankincense a symbol of the World Ether weaving around us as a ‘gesture’ or intention of sacrifice, and in which the Spirit is living. Also symbolizing the transience of the present.

Myrrh is a symbol of the victory of life over death. Also of the forces of the present pointing into the future.

My mother was here on New Years Eve and helped us grind and prepare these beautiful elements.


My Mother grinding “Three Kings” preparation


We are open everyday from 10:30 AM until 5:00 PM and until 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. There are always 10-12 wines to choose for tasting – or enjoy a bottle or glass. Cheese plates, charcuterie, olives and nuts are available for purchase as well as signature Shinn Estate Vineyards T-shirts and copies of our cookbook “Recipes from Home” published in 2001 – winner of the Julia Child Cookbook Award.  

If you are unable to visit us in the tasting room and cannot find our wines near you – we ship to most places in the U.S. Our Online store has gift certificates as well as many holiday packages available.



And that’s the news from Oregon Road!

David Page, owner, vintner, distiller

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